Consultex Systems, Inc. is a successor to the manufacturing and machine parts sales operations started by Frederic Niemann in an enclosed carport in Spartanburg, SC, U.S.A. over 40 years ago. Mr. Niemann came to the U.S. as a German textile engineer, and after years of service with several of the German-owned textile companies that were located in the U.S., Mr. Niemann began selling textile machine parts from his home. His young son, Arne Niemann, grew up learning about textile applications and machine manufacturing. In 2005, the younger Niemann took over his father’s manufacturing operations, and today Consultex Systems, Inc. continues to be a family owned business, with a focus on manufacturing quality, personalized service, and integrity in both products and business operations. The Consultex culture requires employees to be innovative, enthusiastic, and detail oriented, and those characteristics result in machine design and manufacturing that is unparalleled in the coating systems market.