Consultex’s patented rotor spray systems are currently in use in the textile, nonwovens, rolled steel, film, paper, food, and tissue industries. Those industries are not however, the exhaustive list of possibilities. If your product travels in a linear path, then there may be a spray application for you. The product itself is not required to be a constant substrate; if you have a product that runs on a conveyor, for instance, there are coating possibilities. Unlike other manufacturers, Consultex is not limited by lack of ingenuity. The Consultex team will however, give candid feedback about whether the Consultex system is right for your industry and your specific application.

Following is a list of some industries with known applications and some of the chemicals sprayed.

Surfactants, water for reintroduction of moisture, warp sizing, optical brighteners, softeners and hand builders, resin finishes, soil release agents, anti-static finishes, flame retardants, water repellents, aqueous adhesives and binders, and other aqueous finishes

Surfactants, water repellents, lotions, adhesives, Aloe Vera, vitamin E, and silicones

Anti-stats, anti-fogs, silicones, and print primers

Tissues ...

Paper is ...

The Consultex team is ever evaluating applications in new industries, and always looking to partner with innovative manufacturers for research and development. The design board is always busy, whether arriving at a specific customer’s solution or brainstorming about industry-wide applications. As your industry evolves, so do the Consultex systems. Even if your application is proprietary, please contact Consultex to discuss coating possibilities; protecting your intellectual property rights is a Consultex priority.