IQ-141 – The intelligent rotor spray system


The Consultex IQ-141 series Rotor Spray System represents a significant advancement in spray application technology. The patented (US Patent 5,795,391 European Patent 0,796,662) Alternating Rotor Technology has opened the doors for companies to expand their product lines.

Simple Calibration – The Consultex rotor carrier incorporates a single window with an alternating rotor direction. Having a single opening not only allows the rotor carrier to perform more efficiently by increasing the add-on ratio and add-on quantities, it promotes total spray uniformity regardless the distance of the rotor to the substrate.

Carrier Efficiency – The increase in rotor carrier efficiency has expanded the capabilities of the system to handle many types of solutions previously unsprayable due to foaming and shearing.

Vertical and Horizontal orientation – The IQ-141 Rotor Spray System can be installed to spray onto a substrate regardless of the path orientation,i.e. vertical to horizontal. The IQ-141 product lineoffers two standard rotor spray systems.

For water only applications, Consultex offers The IQ Wave. For Chemical applications, the IQ Chemica can be customized to meet individual customer needs.