Then and Now

Consultex Systems was founded in Spartanburg, SC, in 1974. We began selling textile machine parts which evolved into a full manufacturing operation. Consultex Systems focused on coating systems through quality, innovation, and personalized service.

The Patented IQ Rotary Spray design developed into one of the leading coating systems serving the textile, nonwovens, film, rolled steel, tissue, paper, and particle board industries. Through continued investment in research and development, Consultex engineers designed coating machines for standard applications spraying water or water-based chemicals on vertical webs. Additionally custom solutions are available other proprietary applications to meet specific customer needs. Look for information on our pilot line described nearby.

In 2018, Consultex Systems joined the Navis Tubetex group of brands and moved their operations to Lexington, NC. Since partnering with Navis Tubetex, Consultex products continue to innovate. As water and chemical saving become more critical, the technology becomes more relevant. Plus as new processes emerge, we are seeing new applications perfectly suited for rotary spray. Look for our newly developed products for digital print applications among others.


More than a machine

While the rotor applicator may be the machine Consultex is known for, today Consultex is much more than a single machine manufacturer. As the number of industries requiring coatings has grown, Consultex continues to invest in innovation. In the film industry, for example, Consultex can provide an entire online or off line system including winding, corona or plasma treatment, coating, smoothing, and drying. The engineering team can build to your existing framework or can offer you complete standalone systems to support pull rolls, idler rolls, smoothing rolls, hot air or infrared dryers, and other components necessary to keep your substrate headed toward the finish line.

The Right Team

Consultex remains focused on engineered excellence through superior design, quality materials and construction coupled with our customer service.


All major mechanical and electrical systems are modular for easy maintenance and cleaning. Standard machines are equipped with a removable 25-liter tank that includes a pressure-level sensor, eliminating moving float valves to ensure accurate readings, low maintenance, and easy cleaning.

The Consultex patented, over-lapping spray pattern with only a single spray window ensures uniform spray application; resulting in even and uniform coatings. The single spray window also eliminates the need for precise and static machine distance from the rotor carrier to the substrate. This flexibility of distance also naturally compensates for flutter or bowing of the substrate.

Rotor technology allows the Consultex machines to apply water and other relatively low-viscous chemicals with the uniformity customers require. Unlike spray nozzles and the other rotor spray machines on the market, the Consultex spray application provides streak-free results with relative ease of installation, maintenance, and operation. The Consultex design takes liquid properties, physical properties of the rotor discs, flow volumes, and rotor speeds all into consideration, and the result is an application quality that is unparalleled in today’s market.

All Consultex rotor carriers are constructed as weldments of either 304 or 316 grade stainless steel and are TIG-welded for precision, a clean appearance, and durability. The tank for the Chemica system is removable for easy maintenance and includes a duplex filtration system with pressure sensors. For double-sided spray applications, where each rotor carrier is spraying independent quantities of a solution, a second pump can be implemented. The tank for the Wave system is made of 304 grade stainless steel in an extruded aluminum frame. Optional features include belt monitors, automatic spray-width adjustment, automatic collector tray, vacuum system for fumes, and low-profile automatic smoothing roll, just to name a few.

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Leading the Industry