The Consultex IQ-141 series rotor spray system represents a significant advancement in spray application technology. 

Substrate per Revolution – While other devices only support a single direction rotor, The Consultex rotor carrier incorporates a single window with an alternating rotor direction allowing the rotor to perform more efficiently by increasing the overall spray that makes it to the substrate per revolution (meaning less chemical is obstructed by the window frames).  This engineered design does not require precision calibration of machine location relative to the substrate to obtain uniformity. Distance to the substrate can be varied depending on the results the customer may be seeking, such as droplet penetration on porous materials or droplet splatter on non-porous materials.

Spray Efficiency – With variable adjustments on the IQ-141 design and set up, we are able to expand the chemical base and properties earlier believed to prevent efficient spraying.  This helps control substrates that were previously problematic due to foaming or shearing out of solids.  

Vertical and Horizontal Coverage – Recent machine enhancements to the overall design including drain locations, collector tray configuration, and mounting point flexibility allow the IQ-141 to spray on substrates running either vertically or horizontally (or at any angle between vertical and horizontal).

H2O Only – For water only applications, Consultex offers the IQ Wave, a more economical version that keeps costs down while still offering competent performance. The IQ-141 Chemica includes slightly different construction and materials better suited for long term contact with various chemicals, contains rinse functions for cleaning the system of chemicals and to avoid chemical build-up, and numerous other functions not available on the IQ-141 Wave.


• Counter rotating, dual discs for better uniformity and streak prevention
• Specially designed disc surface area to increase droplet size flexibility by varying r.p.m.
• Proprietary nozzle construction ensuring uniform liquid volume to discs
• Design pre-distributes the liquid onto the upper and lower disc
• Liquid not sprayed is recycled via collector tray
• Single window design allows for multiple disc failure without material loss in uniformity